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1. The Schutte Self Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT). Instructions: Indicate the extent to which each item applies to you using the following scale. PDF | The Assessing Emotions Scale, in some literature called the Emotional Intelligence Scale, the Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test, or the Schutte. 27 Apr The scale is called either the Schutte emotional intelligence scale or the Assessing Emotions Scale. Google Scholar lists over citations of.

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User Manual for Inquisit’s Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test

Enhancing coaching skills and emotional intelligence through training. I easily recognize my emotions as I experience them. I motivate myself by imagining a good outcome to tasks I take on.

What do the scores below or above are unusually low or high mean? Thank you and Sxale bless. I suggest characterizing scores by how they fit in the means and standard deviations we have reported for university-student samples in the U.

The reason im asking is that i want to correlate it with the 3 dimensions also of cross cultural adjustment. Can we use this for our undergraduate research? Nicola Schutte, Reliability and Validity Schutte and her colleges report a reliability rating of 0. Intelligence and Individual Differences, 25, Other people find it easy to confide in me.


When I am in a positive mood, solving problems is easy for me. April 13, at 3: We did not create the scale to have subscales. April 22, at 1: I am aware of the non-verbal messages other people send. There is no set age range. Keep in mind tho that those samples were not necessarily representative of adults in the U.

I am aware of the non-verbal messages I send to others. Keep in mind that the scale may or may not be valid in other cultures or when translated into another language.

Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT)

Industrial and Commercial Training, 39 5 Thank you Wilma V. The blog posts have clarified a few of my doubts. December 8, at 5: April 21, at 1: E-Journal of Applied Psychology2, schhtte February 3, at February 3, at 2: Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Finally, be aware that it would be easy for a person to present a false image when completing the scale. There is not much research out there for nursing students and EI.

Gloria De Leon says: Emotional Competence Framework Emotional Intelligence: The scale is called either the Schutte emotional intelligence scale or the Assessing Emotions Scale. I seek out activities that make me happy.

To use the scale for commercial purposes, one would have to workout a written agreement with Schutte and me. Testing and cross-validating a modified version of Schutte et al. Keep in mind also that it is easy to earn a high score by lying.

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A response of 3 stays as it is. Typical scores may vary with sex and age. We are waiting for you favorable response because we are goint to use these test for our thesis in the subject Psychological Research A. Regards Sorry for inconvenience. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I help other people feel better when they are down.

Factor structure and validity of a trait emotional intelligence measure. Characteristic emotional intelligence and emotional well-being. When I am in a positive mood, I am able to come up with new ideas. March 1, at When I feel a change in emotions, I tend to come up with new ideas. I would not characterize a score as good…bad. December 27, at 3: To calculate schuttte scale emotkonal, reverse code responses to items 5, 28, and It is difficult for me to understand why people feel the way they do.