Prev Class · Next Class · Frames · No Frames · All Classes. Summary: Nested |; Field |; Constr |; Method. Detail: Field |; Constr |; Method. 2. The number of threads defaults to the available processors but can be controlled by setting the Threads property (typically by setting the 2. Hierarchy For Package 2. Package Hierarchies: Object. org. tSignatureHandlerFactory (implements 2.

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OutputProfile (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Features like tables etc. At any point the page can be rotated around a point, using the rotate method. Here’s an example showing how to add a pushbutton which submits the form. They’re documented in the Javadoc file describing all the Features with the text Opinion: The parameters are integers for API compatibility only.

FormButton (Big Faceless PDF Library )

If your text is going to be wrapping from one rectangle to another, we strongly recommend you use the LayoutBox class. An applet wrapping the PDFViewer. Valid values for style are: Argument to setUnits float, int to measure the page in centimeters. After a page has been flushed, it can still be written to without any performance penalty although calling flush too often will fadeless in larger files, so don’t overdo it.

Return an AttributedString containing a contiguous range of text from this PageExtractor. With this constructor at least one annotation must be added explicitly by calling the addAnnotation method. See that class for an example of how to use this method. It may also return null for PDFs that do not have an ID specified, although they are fairly rare these days. Feature An OutputProfile is made up of Featureswhich may be required or denied. Close the path and set the “clipping area” of the page to be the intersection of the current clipping area and ogg shape defined by this path.

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A special exception is if the identifier is set to “sRGB”, in which case the sRGB profile will be embedded automatically.

Setting this on a brand new PDF ensures you don’t inadvertantly create a document that cannot be read on your chosen platform. Return the width of this page in points. Passing in a value of zero sets the field to have no maximum length, which is the default. The full list of requirements is in the ISO specification. Merge the specified OutputProfile into this one, to create an OutputProfile that represents both targets.

The parameter to this method is the ExecutorService to use for these parallel operations, or null to use the PDF Library default. Changing encryption will destroy any digital signatures in the document, which is why Acrobat won’t allow you to do lt.

If the requested box isn’t specified by the page object, this method returns null. A field cannot have a maximum length and a number of combs at the same time, so setting this will also call setNumberOfCombs 0 Parameters: This affects any further graphics operations to the page – drawing lines, text, images and so on. Return the default value of this field – the value it will reset to if a PDFAction.

Return the number of combs in this field as set by setNumberOfCombs intor 0 if the field is not combed. Facelews items on this page that match the specified Regular Expression. Close a structural tag on this faecless. Force the document to be Acrobat 8.


Package org.faceless.pdf2.viewer2

An extension of ;df2 PublicKeyEncryptionHandler that will pop up a dialog allowing the user to select a KeyStore to select a private key from if necessary. In most cases it will be more convenient to call the PDF. Any items drawn after this call faceles be drawn before any content already existing on the page, so appearing under the current content.

Left-to-right text will wrap when it reaches the right margin and continue being rendered until the bottom margin is reached, after which the text will not facdless rendered and all calls to drawText will return Begin a paragraph of text.

Here’s an example which draws an image on the page, clipped to a circle. Title The document’s title. Defines a PropertyManager which checks the ServletContext. Represents the standard Acrobat encryption algorithm, both bit and bit variants.

This method returns the list of annotations that were added – it’s a list because if the link wrapped over several lines or pages, several annotations would have been added. Represents the “barcode” orv of text field available in XFA. Passing in an unrecognised key or an invalid value as a parameter will not throw an exception, but will simply have no effect. The first stage is to call PDF.

Calling this method before pd2 document is created ie when you’ve just created a new PDF but not called render will result in this method returning null.