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31 Mar The Old Bailey heard a copy of the prohibited Mujahideen Poisons Handbook had been found by police, downloaded on Mr Piggin’s mobile. Full text of “Mujahideen Explosives Handbook”. See other formats. by abdel-aziz EJ-Preface This book is part of the Encyclopedia Jihad, collected and. The Mujahideen Explosives Manual gave detailed instructions on how to make an “earthquake bomb” and fuses from shoelaces. It also contained a recipe for.

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Handle it with care avoiding any shock.

For you, I would suggest, that you start with this book if you have nothing else. When all the Benzine has mixed in the acid, stir it for some time and separate it with the help of a dropper or syringe. Keep this mixture in an air tight plastic or steel container because to prevent the liquid of the solution.

Try your best to use a hot plate heater rather than naked flame burners. It is very special and fine sieved substance will be used.

This makes sure that mujahieden container lands vertically and created a better explosion. And float on liquid the top fem is used for making shape and the liquid will be Glycerine C 3 H 5 OH 3. Place some pebbles or ball-bearings in the container.


Prepare the cotton first. Inshallah, you will be blessed for your contributions.

Entry and exit must be separate doors. Capsule timer detonator -done Figure 8: It only differs at points It also dissolves in olive oil.

How jihadists use Net to kill, maim, destroy

Throw using grenade technique. If they are big, make a hole in it, and fill the poison into it. To make sure the good distribution of liquid in side the KC solution.

First 2 substances are easily available in the market, but Nitric Acid is prepared after preparing Sulphuric Acid. Bending a glass pipe Figure 6: It has a medium power of explosion and can be used with normal detonators, it can also be used as the alternative to dynamite. It is stronger than fulminate. Just find a friend who is computer literate and regularly uses the Internet.

Strength of explosives If you can find Jehad. The Lead Azide PbNe was placed in the side of the detonator near the charge. These are two of the places that potential terrorists visit in order to purchase explosive material.

Close this hole with candle crystals or heat the pieces of iron, dip them in poison and use in the bomb. If not, then use a sand bath, or leave it in the sun for a while. Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page a star icon for some browsers. Infra-red rays are only for solid substances 2. Acid reducer, Sodium Carbonate Na 2 C Make lots of small buds out of this one. Burn with the light and flame.

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For Mujahideen, bomb-making information readily accessible online

Also, do not expect to get the best yields from these mixtures. Lead Azide PbN 6 -done Figure 1 1: I think I explosivds try it. Assalaamalaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu. It can be exploded by a bullet shock and friction of sharp edges of tools or the edges of china clay utensils. Furthermore, we frequently have to leave our homes mujahhideen undefined periods to fulfill other projects, further reducing our time.

Take a big pot, fill it half with water.

IT is recommended that diesel and kerosene bomb charge always be packed in an iron container. Drop 1 drop of acid to this mixture.