This book offers the first comprehensive introduction to one of the most significant Arab thinkers of the late 20th century and the early 21st century: the Moroccan. The Moroccan philosopher Mohammed Abed Al Jabri (27 Dec. – 03 May ) has marked contemporary Arab and Islamic thought with his voluminous. Islam, State, and Modernity: Mohammed Abed al-Jabri and the Future of the Arab World is the title of the new book edited by ARDD’s chairman of the board, Dr.

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According to al-Jabri, these fields all exhibit the same structures of knowledge production. Al-Jabri is co-author of a philosophy textbook published by the Ministry of Education and used as teaching material. Archaeologies of Memory and Doing Politics Now at discount prize click on the picture ao buy.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Muhammad Abid al-Jabiri Who is entitled to read women’s rights into the sacred texts? Malika Zeghal Islam and Politics. To view the event’s brochure, please click here.

Sudanese Thinker Amir Ahmad Nasr. Kamil Pasha Jenny White on Turkey.

According to Al-Jabri, the conflicting situation that appears to prevent Muslims, and above all Arabs, from harmoniously reconciling contemporary events with the legacy of the Islamic tradition, the so-called turathalready appeared in the Middle Ages. Only those who are open to innovation can shape the future.

Portrait of the Philosopher Mohammed Abed al-Jabri: Critique of Arab Reason –

Sociology of Islam Tugrul Keskin. Critical Muslims introduces innovative and creative thinkers from the contemporary Islamic world. By contrast, European and Greek culture, al-Jabri notes, are not only characterized by the division between knowledge and magic, but, in particular, by their concern with the mohammes for the possibility of thinking.

Islam, State and Modernity. Many fear the move will further muzzle free speech. Although there is at present a considerable interest in things Islamic outside the Muslim world, as a result of a series of deplorable events and developments, media coverage — and much scholarship too — is predominantly geared towards radical and extremist exponents of moohammed Islam.


Arabic Literature in English.

Mohammed Abed al-Jabri

Philosopher as Autodidact An Arab Robinson Crusoe For the first time, the Felix Meiner Verlag has published the aved of a classical Arab philosopher in its venerable and much-consulted “Philosophical Library” series — the philosophical novel Hayy ibn Yaqzan by Ibn Tufayl, a 12th-century Andalusian author.

The Moroccan philosopher al-Jabri subjects Arab culture to fundamental analysis and critique in the Enlightenment tradition. Dag Nikolaus Hasse introduces the work.

Have been published by J. Al-Jabri criticises these three types of understanding as posing the greatest barrier towards innovative and modern thinking, as a prescribed pattern for interpreting the past can also mohammmed consequences for the politics of today. To view the event’s advertisment, please click here. Social media and networks.

Introducing alternative voices from the Muslim world. For a democratic secular Iran. He regards the freedom of the individual and the differences between individuals as the core of social self- organization.

He also argues against the polemic that the individual striving for reason, protest, and criticism are “imported drugs from the West” and will only weaken the Muslim world.

Critical Muslims: Death of an Averroist: Muhammad Abid al-Jabiri ()

He claims that the method of analogy is deeply rooted in thinking within the Arab-Islamic cultural sphere, as this method was carried over from Islamic jurisprudence to all fields of science.

In his works, al-Jabri illustrates the relativity and strong ties to context of Arab cultural heritage. Introducing critical Muslim thinkers Critical Muslims introduces innovative and creative thinkers from the contemporary Islamic world.

Minnesota and Michigan send first Muslim women to U.

Muhammadiyah Studies Najib Burhani. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Egypt’s Sisi orders review of law curbing NGOs. Current and future generations have either to study Al Jabri and build on his projects, or give solid arguments as to why not doing so.

Matchmaking for millennials Finding a spouse the halal way. He has greatly contributed to the discourse on Arab identity by popularizing philosophical and scientific knowledge within the framework of his political activity and through his teaching. University of Primorska, Koper Slovenia5 December In he co-authored two textbooks on Islamic thought and on philosophy, designed for the final year of high schools. Differences become a constitutive basis for society. Al-Jabri holds the view that the changes brought by modernity to the Islamic world also bring about change in the religion of Islam.


A Critical and Analytical Study” and in by “Critique of Arab Reason,” completed in four volumes that have become a classic on Arab-Islamic thought: Yet, for al-Jabri, mastering a tradition means knowing its various aspects and thereby recognizing its relativity and historicity.

In his four volume work, The Critique of Arab Reasonal-Jabri analyses the structural boundaries of scientific ways of thinking, which he regards as the cause of the failure of the modernization process in the Arab world. The decline of Islamic scientific thought Don’t blame it on al-Ghazali. It is to them that he addressed much of his work, above all in a book dated in moammed he studies two cases of intellectual persecution that took place in the 9th and 12th centuries — involving the leading scholar Ibn Hanbal and then Averroes — inviting contemporary intellectuals to assume a uabri attitude and begging them jabro to follow examples involving connivance with power, which according to him is a sin all too often committed in the Arab-Muslim intellectual world in past centuries.

To work out and exemplify these structures of thought is among the most important tasks needed in order to overcome the intellectual standstill in the Arab world.

Mohammed Abed Al Jabri and the Future of the Arab World: Islam, State and Modernity

It will introduce pioneering thinkers, public intellectuals, academics and their ideas. Al-Jabri deconstructs the position of Islamists, who produce a straight line, supposedly objective, and overpowering story in order to prescribe a single identity upon the individual. To view the bios for Keynote Speakers, please click here.

Al Jabri was accorded several awards, but has refused many of them. This has led al-Jabri to investigate the grammar of the Arabic language, as well as Muslim law, theology, mysticism, rhetoric, and philosophy.

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