Learn and buy magic tricks by Kenton Knepper from Vanishing Inc. Magic shop. A spectator chooses ANY card – a free choice. Instantly it is shown to be the. Kenton Knepper – X. 2. Insinuated Double Prediction. Here is an unusual card effect. The spectator selects a card and replaces it into the deck. The spectator. The Magic Cafe Forums – Does Kenton Knepper Material Really Work? free piano sheet music, piano music, piano sheet music, Stevie Wonder free piano.

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The first CD package creates instant credibility.

Taken, secured, thinking, selected, decision, decided, choice, chose, received, obtained, took. View our magic tricks index.

Audiences love this material because it is amazing stuff! Give the spectator her “notes” on the business card as a reminder when you are finished. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Subscriptions Top Inventors 1.

Kenton Knepper tips some of his highly successful and wildly entertaining examples for the public on lnepper influence and word power using cards no less! It’s a win-win for everyone. When you are done reading this manuscript, you will have a much greater understanding of yourself as a mystery performer. Here are some highlights: If you like tricks only, we have some real goodies for you here as well!

Kenton Knepper magic – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Free choices and complete fairness throw even wise performers off on the methods used here. Wonder of Christmas The wonder of Christmas.

Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best The spectators must subconsciously apply these words to themselves and their own personal experience. It’s vree easy way to do a reading at anytime right away.

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Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words 1.pdf

Magic Dealers and Demo Guys love it because it makes miracles out of things already sitting on their shelves. We hope you found the magic tricks you kne;per looking for! A romantic and positive effect with more than one surprising climax. The performer stops his pulse, then it comes back again, kfnton sequence, and at the points of the body chosen by the spectator. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. Who are Vanishing Inc. Remember me Forgot password?

But we all need to have some FUN sometimes too! People, they, everyone, us, their, the public, humans, dollar bills, cards, money, credit cards, etc.

We highly suggest that you watch this DVD with a deck of cards in hand. Kenton’s Original Time Machine effect was first revealed to performers in rare lectures and workshops.

It is about the magic one can put into magic, and how to make mentalism realistic while still being highly entertaining. Running Time Approximately 24min. Aware, notice, realize, know, observe, note, pay attention to, see, experience, recognize, tell, discern, etc.

Subscriptions Top Inventors 1.

Find Out how to pay. Volume One Kenton’s Gem Production – Gems fade into view at your fingertips as if literally appearing from nowhere.

Kenton Knepper | Practical Mystic

Remember everything after a presupposition tends to be taken as likely or true. We don’t stock every magic trick released, but instead hand pick the ffee Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: A second later, it turns into a blue back kndpper more. The End by Rick. When you give a spectator two or more things to do, and link these things together with the word “and”, the spectator will likely do both. These presentations and methods will change how you perform.


You will learn concepts such as “indirection”, “multiple realities”, “linguistics”, Have a question about this product?

Questions about this product. Have a question about this product? The material here is pure “Kentonism” ranging from the easy and simple to the bold and daring. We supply some no-miss methods as well as the more bold approaches. Kenton Knepper – Mind Reading. Subtitles “The hidden art of using scent as influence and suggestion in But in a blink of an eye, their card turns into a red backed card frfe

It’s too difficult for the spectator to figure out which of the various things about which to argue. A spectator learns an ancient system to know any card chosen. Presuppositions are the backbone of linguistic deception. You may be amazed at how kentn easy most of this material is to do.

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Volume Two Kontrol Kard – Imagine a playing card that can become a double- face, double-back, long, wide, thick, spittle, chameleon and mutliple card control card due to an amazing secret substance!

Entire actions can be frfe or removed from the audience’s experience.