Make the Same Trades I Make in My Personal Account. It may surprise you but I do not make any of the trades recommended in the newsletters that I edit and. Weekly option trade recommendations, focuses on what Ken Trester calls “ undervalued options.” (Trester also writes Power Options Weekly, both seem to offer. About Ken Trester. Ken’s options success secret is startlingly simple. It’s a strategy basic to all investing. Ken only recommends cheap, underpriced options.

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I know you understand the markets and that they fluctuate by the minute so I cannot warrant that your profitability will be identical to mine.

As an experienced options trader you know that these option trades instantly deposit money into your trading account. This is a limited offer. My option buys are pretty straightforward and the same consideration must be given to diversification and how much financial risk you want to assume.

It’s a helpful and valuable tool to help you trade just like I do. The Institute for Options Research Inc is solely responsible for the trading information contained in this advisory and no personal advice is offered to subscribers. Click here to subscribe to this comment thread.

It’s on page of my newest book, Sure Bet Investing Below is a yearly summary. I keep getting this amazing marketing material singing the praises and huge gains on Power Options which is Maximum options in disguise so I caled and asked to see the track record. Every dime I invest is my future.


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So how do I exactly protect myself from risk? So when I sell naked put I do so only with stocks I am comfortable with owning. To ask other readers questions about Trezter Trading Secretsplease sign treester.

In fact on occasion I sell puts specifically to buy stock. I knew it had to involve credit spreads but I thought that maybe he had something I do not know about. Options are still traded by market makers, real sharks, and when the letter issues the reco, all the members jump at the same time.

March 10, 4: My investments are serious business. But as an experienced options trader you also know that these trades are considered high risk trades by many brokers.

It is a violation of United States laws to duplicate or reprint this publication for redistribution in any quantity without permission.

After reading Gumshoe however I decided that it was not worth the hassle. It is a scam, The advice was not profitable, requested refund, but was denied.

Did he has way to reduce the risk when on losing trade to reduce losses and method to set trailing to maximise the profit? There’s no sales hype here – just facts and how I play the market with my own money. You know that history is not a predictor of the future and it is entirely possible that a stock could crash kennetb quickly and so dramatically you and I knneth be forced to buy a stock at an uncomfortable level.


Still in some cases and because of changing market conditions I will buy back the put writes to avoid buying the stock. Delays in broadcast of KWKT may occur which are beyond our control and so may affect the prices you get.

I do not offer personal trading advice but I will tell you that I personally spread my money out over many write positions, and over time to minimize worst case stock collapses. Check with your personal brokerage for their standards.

Option Trading Secrets by Kenneth R. Trester

February 9, Finally kenbeth naked put writes margin is a consideration. As I noted in my book above, “I diversify, diversify, diversify and only take very small positions. You may or may not receive the same price prices as Ken Trester. The skilled and disciplined naked option writer can generate healthy returns annually on his investment, ksnneth can normally do so consistently over a long period of time.

Michael Thom marked it as to-read Mar 26, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The recommendations in the newsletter are designed for the average options trader with two thoughts in mind.

I tried it twice this year and in both cases I lost a lot of money. This is for serious, committed, experienced options traders.