To present Katsugen Undo (Regenerating Movement), we have chosen this text written by Itsuo Tsuda. What is Regenerating Movement? Regenerating. The area in which the West has made its precious contribution to humanity is Evidence. Today, we are in a transition period, the century of uncertainty, in which. Tag – Itsuo Tsuda. Itsuo Tsuda 津田逸夫 · Encyclopedia · Itsuo Tsuda 津田逸夫 · Josh Gold. August 27, Join the Newsletter. Email Address. Follow Us.

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One does not perform Regenerating movement.

Ecole Itsuo Tsuda : Aikido – Katsugen undo

Then with irimi nage we end up with a yang movement that will cause in him the desire to fall in order to avoid the worst. The moment of confirmation was already too late because it was not about scoring, but about life or death. We should never forget that Katsugen undo is something that normalizes the ground, the body. The vibrations and resonance flowing from the pronunciation of this text brings to each practice tsudw feeling of calmness, fullness and sometimes something that goes beyond and remains inexpressible.

It occurs rather in the form of a deform-able egg as needed. Our body is in between others with an external surface: This itsko is almost unknown today.

Meeting the breathing.

Verifichi la sua casella email per confermare l’iscrizione. Want to receive future articles? At the same time people search, there are a number of people who I consider companions they are no longer students. Already just with itsuoo breathing you can hear, if you pay attention, the yin and yang, but they are only the expression and the direction of the energy that has materialised.


This way is not a straight road to paradise, but a twisting path. Verifichi la sua casella email per confermare l’iscrizione. The radiant take off is freedom without thoughts. It twuda a matter of finding God in yourself. I think Ueshiba had such a fusion capacity with the person who tsuxa, by anticipating his acts, his gestures. For me, technique must be extremely precise. Beyond this there is another sphere that everyone can instinctively feel.

For me this is not really important … And then in terms of age, why should we make a difference?

By beginning Aikido at forty-five years of age, the ki and Non Doing were the two aspects that mainly attracted him. Itsuo Tsuda deals with the theme of the philosophy of the Non-Doing and with that of ki through Katsugen undo, Seitai and Aikido: It completely differs from the idea of fighting. It is up to each of us, and under our own responsibility, to make the discovery our own unity of being.

Norito resonance – Itsuo Tsuda School

If your posture is correct, if the positioning is right, then it is easy, breathing is better. He practiced with Ueshiba for ten years. So you come here in the morning, take a little coffee, tea, and then practice. The ability to be the own Tao.

As the body becomes more sensitive, one can experience some perturbing sensations, which can repel those who lack a good initial understanding. The resulting force will also be yang or yin depending on the moment when it is used.


The universe of which she speaks is not located anywhere. The other was developped by Master Haruchika Noguchi, a half century ago. Itsuo Tsuda received this Norito itsuuo the hands of Nakanishi sensei, met during a trip to Japan.

There is a challenge in this, for the human being is viewed in a dimension that transcends any given period, tsua or tradition. The most difficult thing is to be natural, to be normal.

Similarly in kokyu ho, there are different ways to do it: This surface is a sphere that has taken the form of a human being.

Itsuo Tsuda recited it daily during the last few years and the tradition is still kept within the Itsuo Tsuda School. Arms for example open or close independently of our will, they obey to a necessity that comes from the yin or the yang. The ki attached to our person gets purified to keep us alive, but at the same time exposes us to constant agitations. It arises from istuo original Void, at the time and place where there is the need, and disappears as soon as the case is closed.