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27 Aug Hawkmoon RPG is obviously based on the four books by Michael Moorcock that form the cycle The History of the Runestaff. Like Stormbringer. Hawkmoon RPG: Science & Sorcery in Earth’s Far Future (Boxed Set) [Kerie Campbell-Robson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1 Dec Hawkmoon is a peculiar product. Though playable as a stand-alone RPG, it nevertheless feels more like a supplement to the excellent.

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Continents, oceans, islands and seas were created. HeroQuest 1st Edition HeroQuest.

Elric/Stormbringer/Hawkmoon/Corum – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

At exactly the wrong moments his famed, magical, demon-sword Stormbringer wrests control from its Chaos-worshipping master and slays hqwkmoon few friends.

The Roleplaying Game I think this is important to bear in mind for this kind of setting where nods to a past Earth are dotted around like Easter eggs. Get the item you ordered rog your money back. Barbarian hordes sweep across the land while civilization decays in doomed castles. This box provides you with all of the rules and pieces to participate in this epic struggle. Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos.

For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab. From this dark abode the twisted worshippers of Mabelrode, the Faceless God, bring fear to all who fail to bow down to the power of Chaos! Views Read Edit View history. The second three dpg always seemed to hawkmmoon in better with Moorcock’s multiverse, which was something I was never too keen on. Elric is a fascinating challenge for one to four players.

It features four scenarios, information on the island of the Purple Towns and its inhabitants, instructions for creating characters from the Purple Towns, and intriguing illustrations and maps.


They forged unthinkable pacts with demon gods, shaped the elements and lands to their liking, and tamed dragons and rode them to conquest. Hawkmoon secrets of tragic europe runequest MGP fantasy The adventurers will travel the world over: Select a valid country.

Likewise, there’s a fair bit of artwork recycled from Stormbringer and its supplements, which only contributes to the sense that Hawkmoon isn’t really its own game but rather an adjunct to its “big brother.

The Additions section contains creatures, heroes or antagonistsand exotic treasures for use by the Game Master in Stormbringer adventures. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. DAW is proud to present them to an eager public in new editions, corrected and revised by Michael Moorcock. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Compact Heroes Master Set. Imperial garrisons in the far-flung Southern Kingdoms are brought home to Imrryr, the dreaming city, their need apparently past.

Probably too “sane” a character for Michael’s tastes. Her success or failure is determined by the players. His object is revenge. My friends and I had some good experiences with Stormbringer 1st and 4th editions back in high school, and one of my buddy’s picked up Hawkmoon used despite none of us having read anything besides Elric and Corum. See other items More Description [ edit ] Hawkmoon is a science-fantasy system based on Michael Moorcock ‘s ” Runestaff ” and ” Count Brass ” series; linked with the Stormbringer game in the “Eternal Champion” series.

Dragon Radieux Issue 17 – Sep More example orders for Granbretans in Hawkmoon. Yet, there’s still something very compelling about this game and I regularly find myself opening up its box and paging through its booklets.


La Comedia Tatou Issue 5 – Sep Tales from the Loop. When I ran Hawkmoon, I treated it not as a post-apocalyptic game but more as rph pulp-fantasy jawkmoon.

James Out of curiosity, does your interest in Hawkmoon’s post-apocalyptic setting also carry over into Erekose’s world of the Eldren from The Eternal Champion?

Judging from its lack of support and relative obscurity, I’m guessing that it never did very well. Only Elric, King and Prince of Melnibone, fated Kinslayer and wielder of the dark blade Storm-bringer can solve its mystery.


He answered Hawkmoon on the basis that he never felt real to him. The eldest wormwood is said to be in Muscovia, where they call it by its native name of Kernobul. Especially compelling is the way in which Moorcock draws on Celtic mythology.

The imagery of the books, especially the immortal King-Emperor and his palace, was incomparable. I really wish I understood my ambivalence toward it. There is of course the non-human race known as the Melniboneans but they are little more functionally speaking than an eldritch and sorcerous race of decadent humans.

Hawkmoon 1st Edition feels rushed both in design and organization.

Hawkmoon (role-playing game)

This traveling adventure makes a good introduction to the northern realms. He rails against the gods of chaos, his culture, and his proud ancestors. About Downloads Games A-Z. They must quest for a magical Lute, and ancient Hymn, and a Troubadour with no hawimoon to restore a love lost. Polyhedron Issue 1 – May