In all my years of being Exalted fan, there is one subject that hasn’t been addressed that darn well needs to be: Arcane Fate is fucking terrifying. 11 Apr Exalt Type and Caste: Sidereal Chosen of Serenity Anima: A gentle haze of azure light. Anima Power: Grant confidence and serenity to yourself. Creating a Sidereal Exalted according to the following rules is not a time consuming activity. I have read the relevant material and have come across the basics.

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Once per scene the character may create a talisman or trinket with some minor beneficial effect, which must be bestowed upon another. The Shield The Shield is mad courage and violence for its own sake. Lore represents your understanding of academia, from geography to history. It encourages those it influences to do things properly and weigh up every variable before committing, but also bids them hold fast exalter what they believe in.

Being attacked by a demon changed that. Unless I develop some masochistic fetish, that is. This triggers a social influence test that, if successful, automatically instills the target with a Major principle of ‘I will complete my duties to the best of my abilities’.

ToothyWiki: Exalted/Sidereal

Her real talent lies in organizing the efforts of others, generally in support to an Exalted overseer but oftentimes entirely independent.

Cetashwayo Internal Ad System Quest. The Siderals exist to protect all Creation, they just think the Realm is their best way to do that. And this doesn’t even touch on other, more insidious aspects of Arcane Fate: However, during that time a lot of the glories made by the Solars and Lunars broke down. Provided the Sidereal acts the part of the ‘honest soldier’ and commits to defending civilians with her skill at arms, they will shelter and care for her without cost, hiding her from her enemies.


Originally posted by Remedy View Post. You are an Oracle, a wise vizier and keeper of secrets. And the Charm that allowed you to automatically dole out the Acquaintances Background?

You learned at exaled early age to be self reliant and reliable, picking up bits and pieces in a wide variety of fields to better help your community. Creation faces new challenges with the Deathlords on the move, typical and corrupted Solar essences Exalting everywhere, strange machine-beings having been spotted in the South.

Sesus Minora Exalt Type and Caste: This influence also inspires an emotion of calm in the target if so desired. She replies, something like. The Sidereal’s ranged attacks bypass gossamer armour, and any target struck edalted them is brought within Fate if not already considered to be so.

Sidereal Exalted | Exalted: Dragon-Blooded the Devils Journey | Obsidian Portal

This does not mean that the artifacts belong to the Sideral. While so occupied, she is impossible to track down by any but the most potent supernatural means. They test and experimentforever looking to challenge their own assumptions. Then the Great Contagion struck. Investigation is used to uncover secrets and piece together clues, be they physical or social.

It is the active social attribute, and will be rolled for most social actions. Neither Kejak nor Ayesha Ura is the boss of the Sidereals.

Now, lets see just how far a young peasent girl can go. To go to the top of this page, click here. It is a severity 3 offense to admit that there is a Bronze Faction or Gold Faction, so don’t talk about it, to anyone.

The Lovers The Lovers represent base attractionphysical lust and unfettered indulgence. Minora knows how to ride a horse and fire a bow with reasonable accuracy, though doing both at once is a bit beyond her, and she has kept herself fit through a rigorously observed routine of meditative exercises. Ignore one point of Guile when dealing with a target in a formal social situation.

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Retrieved from ” http: Other factions are rumored to exist, such as the Silver Faction and Iron Faction, but no Sidereal has ever openly admitted to siderea, a member of these, and so they may just be a rumor. Heyy, who else remembers the Acquaintances Background? Those planning to take advantage of the Sidereal are instinctively obvious to even the most casual observation. Reaction is essentially your reflexes and mental agility.


Endurance is your ability to resist harm and persist in the face of negative environmental factors. Summon Elemental, Ritual 2wp A ritual of four hours is required to cast this spell, which involves weaving a new elemental out of the ambient essence.

Because being the friendly old grandma that talks with you tries to get some sense into you, and then hits you with shun the smiling Lady if you are continuing to be stupid is a nice idea.

Other demons have come for you since then, years apart – but the Order says it is not a coincidence. When under attack, the Sidereal may pay 4m to declare this truth, removing any penalties to her defense and applying them as bonuses instead. For about years, the Shogunate thrived.

Upon conjuring the spirit the sorcerer must bind it to her will, either for a year and a day of general obedience or a single task of indefinite duration.

And you can just forget about finding your lunch in the company fridge. When offering a source of gratification or indulgence, treat your target as always having at least a Minor intimacy towards the temptation in question. They will never be as flexible sidegeal a lunar or as powerful as a solar.

Unlike the other Exalted, the Sidereal can’t really live among humans for long without creating disguises and pretending to be someone they’re not.