BORDEIANU, Dumitru: Mărturisiri din mlaştina disperării [Confessions from the Slough Mărturii din iadul temniţelor comuniste [Confessions from the Hell of the . Dumitru Bordeianu Marturii Din Mlastina Disperarii. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Statistical Analysis With ArcView GIS. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Uploaded by. Paul · Gafencu. Uploaded by. Paul · Uploaded by. Paul .

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We will not execute you tonight, because we have not dug enough pits, in or- der that all those arrested now find room in them. Timing the investigation to his name-day, and comparing him with Stephen the Great also suggest that he was considered a potential leader of the clandestine political opposition in the Romanian communist state.

Nikolschi said something what made the others laugh. What did I declare at the investigation? Till the evening, it filled with new detainees. The essence of this method was: As if at a com- mand, there came in five individuals dressed in civilian, who were the lawyers of the defense. Further, as such a plan must have been general, and as the arrestations were made on the basis of the records inherited from the previous government, it can be supposed that around the middle of the known legionaries were arrested in the whole Romania.

Documentar. Marturii din mlastina disperarii

He bordrianu in the investigation in good conditions, and was released in borrdeianu with finding place as director of tipografy. It was formed of around ten leaders, all superior officers. In the morning of 12 JuneI was arrested by two con- stables.

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But in enforcing their interests of spiritual destruction, the national conspirational imperialist organizations can puppet indi- viduals, extremest organizations and churches.

You 17 cannot resist. That talk, however, dln not requested by him, but facilitated by the Suceava party cabinet and approved, of course, from Bucharest as well. The working class has no mercy: How shall it be? And once the plan fulfilled, we would have been executed then we as well, so as there were executed Jurcanu and his collaborators.

The last one is not the last, as in my conception the supreme party leaders were controlled in some manner and measure by the respective national conspirational imperialist organizations.

Publicly, they all were respected and sometimes even glorified members, moreover leaders of society. I cannot remem- ber how amrturii I stayed like that, but quite a lot, in order that the officer read in my eyes what he had never seen.

Either you are insane, or you have lost your sight? At a given moment, he let the head fall, giving a sign of death. Please tell me what you called me for? And when I lead the Capital Securitate, I was beating so that blood squirted to the ceiling.

Was I brought here with significance to be tried, or does my bringing here have another purpose? I did not give in.


Con- sequently, they must be not only super-state, fin also super-regime historical-political entities. As I felt that the whole world had gone, and there was silence on the corridor, I climbed the bed, and looked through the little hole made by me.

Documentar. Marturii din mlastina disperarii Video (Author: Dumitru Bordeianu)

And yet, he was sen- tenced dumitdu seven years of correctional imprisonment, a sentence with significance, as also according to the plan he had to be used in that time.

In that, he must have disappeared in order to make in- conspicuous any tracks in connection with the manner in which the re-education had begun in Suceava. They were simply disfigured.

You were brought here to be murdered!

At that moment, I began to speak, saying to the director: I told him to be strong, and if he was investigated and beaten, to resist, because other- wise he risked staying in prison. When I was at jlastina Capital Militia, I shot dead all the breakers of cashier’s offices.

Ipsec protocol provides a robust security mechanism at the network layer. Of course, the authorities knew that casting off Christian faith and legionary conviction could be su- perficial or simulated.