It has been more than a delight to follow the author in his studies of the dasa mahavidyas and I am doubly happy with this publication a larger number of readers. The Das Mahavidyas are Wisdom Goddesses. Das means ten, maha means great, and vidya means wisdom. The Das Mahavidyas are considered forms of. Of the hundreds of tantrik practices, the worship of the ten major Devis is called the Dasa Mahavidya. These major forms of the goddess are described in the.

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The Das Mahavidyas are: For the devotionally minded seeker these forms can be approached in a spirit of reverence, love, and increasing intimacy. The lotus is one of the most pervasive symbols in Indian iconography and its meaning can vary according to context. Her real meaning is not obvious to the uninitiated; it reveals itself only to imaginative and spiritually sensitive interpretation. Begin Your Day With Laughter.

The Devimahatmya vividly depicts a scene with Kali and her associated goddesses ready to take on an army of demons. The overall intent of the worship also has normative aspects. She is red in color, seated on a lotus flower. Aditi, the great mother who gave birth to the gods, and who is all that has been, is, and will be, was also identified with Vak, the goddess of the creative word, who in turn is identified with Sarasvati and later with Durga.

This can be interpreted in more than one way.


Maya here is the power to create a magical appearance for the delight of the spectator; that is what a magician does. After a short while, Her friends once again appealed to Her, telling Her that She was the Mother of the Universe and they Her children, and asked to be fed quickly. Chinnamasta, in the middle, is white.

He was an extremely powerful being and performed severe austerities to get the boon of immortality from Brahma. Her two friends drank the blood from two of the directions and the Goddess herself drank the blood from the third direction.

The Shaktisamgama-tantra narrates the birth of Ucchishta-matangini. Now we have subjectivity and objectivity within the same singular reality of consciousness.

While dasx, the deities dropped some food on the ground, from which arose a beautiful maiden who asked their left-overs. At the same time, the duality of this world is nothing other than her own self-expression. She is also known as Prachanda Chandika.

An asura by the name Bhandasura came out of those ashes. Immediately smoke started to come from within Her body. She stood on a corpse, wore a garland of skulls, and earrings made from the bones of corpses.

A beautiful maiden arose from it and asked for the food that was left over.

Oh no, there’s been an error

They are usually shown lying on a lotus, although sometimes on a cremation pyre. Immediately the blood spurted in three directions. For each of us the heart is the abode of the infinite Divine Mother. Once freed, we experience our own true being—identity with the unconditioned Infinite.


Story of the Origin of the Das Mahavidyas (Ten Forms of Divine Mother)

She represents a certain free-spiritedness, independence and self-assertion as if to say that She can live without Him. Any religion that lays claim to possessing the exclusive truth is mahaavidyas in a dangerous fantasy. Chinnamasta stands on the copulating couple, Kama and Rati. The noose indicates the captivating power of beauty. Her upper right hand makes the abhayamudra, reassuring us to have no fear. Self-concealment is the precondition as well as the result of cosmic manifestation, and self-revelation causes the manifest universe to dissolve, disclosing the essential unity.

She destroys enmity as well. Bagala is a modified word for Valga which means bridle. They also symbolize purity and perfection. She roared and the ten directions were filled with that ferocious sound. With her goad she pushes us to overcome any hindrances—any passions or negativities or wrong ideas that conceal our true, divine nature.

Consciousness and its power are not just inseparable; they are identical. Space is also the medium of sound, and this sound is none other than the creative word. Stay Connected Despite The Differences.

But Parvati leaves Kailash as Bagalamukhi to destroy the evil forces. These social groups deal in occupations deemed inauspicious and polluted like a collection of waste, meat-processing and working in cremation grounds.