By: crimsonmarie . in fact, I woke up every morning looking forward to the fact that I’d be back in my hugely comfortable bed in fourteen hours. FIC/LINK: Fourteen. AUTHOR: Crimsonmarie HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT:High school is brutal. It’s even worse when you’re not a size. UL Fourteen by CrimsonMarie |Holding Out For You by ObsessingOverEdward | The Fan by Pears13 |The Trip Home by Mskathy |The.

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She’d rolled her eyes and waved me off again.

That being said, it worked for the book fkurteen what the author was intending to write. The whole year we’d known each other there had never been more than a casual touch here and there while we were joking around with each other.

I Want to Marry Edward Cullen! He has to fight to win her back before she marries someone else. Author has written 7 stories for Twilight.


Jake had been sitting on the couch, doubled over in laughter, watching the whole scene unfold in front of him from the wide front windows.

Feb 04, Ally Cakes rated it liked it. Whatever it was out in California that froze fohrteen inhabitants in time was really working out well for him. But still, the tears didn’t come.

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Which includes a really good Epi and a few outtakes to come. It is the sweetest heart-melting epilogue.

Written from many different POVs. It had been about twenty minutes before I spotted houses and churches and people milling around, but failed to find a place to turn around in. Can he change her mind, or do first impressions really last? Evan is a playboy and a jerk. And then I’d gone back to California with an ex-girlfriend fuming in the seat on the airplane next to me. fourfeen


The shy, timid girl with vivid brown eyes and flowing brown hair had been the first to approach me when I’d bought this place. At least, as much as the skewed vision of the peephole allowed her to be.

I felt really sorry for the main character and you couldn’t help but root for her. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And, naturally, the fantasies only got worse the more he talked and blended in with our small place in the world.

Mar 25, Colleenla74 rated it did not like it. Not that it would’ve been possible, anyway. Just In All Stories: Alice, my youngest sister, had managed to surprise me with one of her very random visits and had insisted on helping me pack when she heard that I was disappearing for the next three weeks. The sign was off the front yard and I’d gone back to the hotel one house richer. It hadn’t dawned on me when I bought the house that I would need to shovel the wide driveway I’d been so fond of when I visited during the winter months.

It’s not at all badly written just not one of my favourites. It made us realize how many typical issues happened in high school. Jake’s obsession with motorcycles, dirt bikes and huge broken bits and pieces of some sort of vehicle that he was positive he could fix littered every inch of the cold garage floor and we’d never been able to fit an actual car into it.


Fourteen is all about the young adult romance. And it had been that way for the past year. He’d called the night before, his sleepy voice slurring his words as he managed to get out that he’d be arriving sometime today. She fell in love with him.

I always offered to take them out somewhere to make up for it, but they both said that it wasn’t a problem and ended up making me join them for their dinner on my first night back. Thanks for telling us about the problem. She was slightly more comfortable when it was me crimslnmarie on her porch, and had invited me in, her smile bright and open as she moved out of the way so that I could step in.

I had wanted to see her softer side. But, the great thing is, she pulls it off without sounding annoying, and, instead, makes you feel sympathetic towards her.