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26 Sep Prepare for Exam Take our Microsoft SQL Server database course to learn about security, data management, and disaster. This 5-day instructor led course provides students with the technical skills required to write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server This course is the foundation for all SQL Server-related disciplines; namely, The Querying Microsoft SQL Server Course prepare students for the .

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This course is part of the challenge. You can still watch videos, but event registration, profile changes, dashboard access, course progress tracking, and assessments are unavailable for a few hours.

Restrict window functions to rows defined in an OVER clause, including partitions and frames. Seminar Training is based solely on demonstrating the New Features and is non hands-on training. Want to access course content?

10774 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Return information about errors from system objects. For more information, see terms of use and privacy policy.

Write queries that retrieve system metadata and state information using system dynamic management views and functions. For this feature, sign back in to Microsoft Virtual Academy. Describe the language elements of T-SQL used for simple programming tasks.

This module introduces T-SQL expressions which return a valid relational table, typically for further use in the query. Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure Please remove courses before adding more, or create a new playlist.

Working with SQL Server Denali Data Types Describe numeric data types, fourse precedence and type conversions Write queries using character data types Write queries using date and time data types Module 7: Describe batches and how they are handled by SQL Server. To rate this course please view the content first, then let us know what you think.


Microsoft SQL Server Administration & Database Training – Microsoft Virtual Academy

This module explains the data types SQL Server uses to store data. The number of attendees is optional and can range from per session. Rate this course Your previous rating was successfully deleted. Time requirements, modules and assessments for this course: Describe transactions and the differences between batches and transactions.

Working knowledge of relational databases. Write queries which use window functions to operate on a window of rows and return ranking, aggregation and offset comparison results. If a student feels they have not managed to reach their own personal course objectives, they are welcome to attend the: Level 1 Word Write queries which use window functions to operate on a window of rows and return ranking, aggregation and offset comparison results.

Raise user-defined errors and pass system errors in T-SQL code.

Course List

Level 1 PowerPoint Core Solutions of Microsoft Lync Server Check out our new embed option! I would like to hear from Microsoft about products, services, and events, including the latest solutions, tips, and exclusive offers.

This module introduces the use of error handlers in T-SQL code.

This module introduces the use of existing stored procedures in a T-SQL querying environment. Use functions that work with NULL. Create and manage transactions with transaction control language statements. Describe the uses of queries which are nested within other queries. Learn at your own pace and when the time is right with on-demand courses Chat real time with experts while experiencing live online learning events Access the full library of high quality Microsoft training courses for the latest technologies Prepare for Microsofr certification exams with free courses Create your own playlists to guide and track your progress.


You can still watch videos, but to take advantage of all of your member benefits, try again when the upgrade is complete. Restrict window functions to rows defined in an OVER clause, including partitions and frames. Sign up now for FREE unlimited access to 10774w of expert-led online courses. Pass parameters to procedures.

MOC A – Querying Microsoft SQL Server

After completing this course, students will be able to: Write queries with built-in scalar functions. Use column and table aliases. You can micrrosoft easily embed a specific lesson into your site. If the virtual machines in your classroom are able to connect to the internet and you have a Windows Azure account you may be able to connect to your Azure server and database.

It will introduce the difference between compile errors and run-time errors, and will cover how errors affect batches.