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2 Mar As a Club Mahindra member, you’ll find that holidaying with your family becomes a habit. That’s why, we offer you 7N/8D of free stay every year. 15 Oct Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. 17 Oct Upon enrollment to the membership of Club Mahindra Holidays, we have advertisement including corporate advertisement, brochure etc.

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Donate if you wish to but dont add to the numbers at Mahindra Do not trust what the sales rep says.

In order to qualify for these awards resorts need to meet or exceed specific standards in the areas bochure check-in, check-out, hospitality, resort up-keep and housekeeping, among others. Skip to main content.

Nishu, I wish you goodluck. This issue will grow exponentially when they add members disproportionate to the capacity of their resorts.

Dear Shrinidhi, I have taken membership in June My own personal experienceI was offered this deal around 2. This blog didn’t take a hundreth of time that I spent trying to make a booking using your gift voucher.

I request you to please help me. The apartments in Club Mahindra resorts have sofa cum beds and can sleep 2 kids comfortably, this is not the case in the hotels that you are referring to.


This is a money sucking business of Mahindra family. During this entire episode, I had sent mails to feedback clubmahindra. The receptionist there said rooms were indeed available. I expect an answer to the above concern from anyone who recommends Club Mahindra. I have asked them to cancel my membership and return my money paid so far but after initially acknowledging my email they have stopped answering leave alone replying.

They try sell those packages also those customers. Mahibdra do u think that instead of taking club membership, is it wiser decision to pay money for travel agency to njoy holidays? The greatest Con artists in this world are masquerading behind the Club Mahindra Banner! Their fine print is quite clear and there’s nothing illegal in their business, but members often brohcure cheated due to what advertisements promise and what they end up getting. Also thanks for agreeing with me indirectly that CM service is bad and their salesmen mislead.

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Please give him the details. After a long time I am still waiting there courier in the same city.

And both had the same responses. Club Mahindra sales guys are fooling people by forcing them to sign mhindra as soon as they brochjre their powerpoint presentations. Their call center claimed that there is no accomodation available. And for the ‘older’ members, this is a tranferable membership.

Whilst the Club Mahindra membership gives you the option for holidaying 7 days in a year, there is no compulsion that 7 days have to be taken at one stretch. Yes, I agree with most of people’s comments that customer support sucks at Club Mahindra. They offered a piece of Land in their club premises around 25 KM from Bangalore city, which is also fake.


How was the resort? Chandra, your argument is extremely valid. With minimum sight seeing involved.

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While taking lakhs of rupees, club mahindra is not giving any commitment on guaranteed holiday and even if there’s no vacancy, no refund, no waiver of ASF or no other compensation, something not fair Ckub people have commented here that they were not that lucky. Just few days back I got club Mahindra offer and I denied to accept but I did n’t read ur review article. The membership charges may be slightly on a higher side but it still has an advantage that we compulsorily go on a holiday every year.

He asked me if I had received any autoresponse emails for the mails that I was claiming I sent.