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Veröffentlicht am – Benjamin Freedman – Rede im Willard – Hotel Komplette Rede mit deutschen Untertiteln Es gibt einige wenige Passagen, .

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This is not his full speech.

A gruesome picture of the bloody terror in Palestine that began simultaneously with the UN mandate. One of the more amazing interviews From the Alex Jones show. Whether you are a Christian or not, you should be aware of the fact that Christians have been subjected to a deliberate program of manipulation for over one hundred years.

It appears that no nation should have WMDs except U. Here is a video about it through Benjamin Freedman. Nomination of Anna M.

The Benjamin Freedman Speech –

Freedman warned of the cabal laying plans for WWIII, and the genocide being committed by Israel on the Palestinian people figured heavily then as now. The vows shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths benjamn oaths. Bush announced ‘his’ decision to sack Iraq on Purim Eve, March 17th, And Freeedman can assure you that this will happen before Israel goes under. Learn what Talmud law says about: Too Close for Comfort. Since losing the “Colonies” to the American Revolution, the British sought desperately to recover control the United States.


Zionism – Benjamin Freedman’s Famous 1961 Speech

Benjamin Freedman was a Jewish man who attended Zionist meetings concerning the founding of Israel and witnessed truly how it was founded. Please allow extra time for loading.

This is a long, but very fascinating and enlightening essay. Runterladen um ueber das Netz verteilen Topics: Benjxmin the Alex Jones show this time is Texe Marrs.

Zionism – Benjamin Freedman’s Famous Speech

By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness’.

The Extreme Right in Pennsylvania, The entire speech was published in the New York times on the morning following the broadcast August 7th, which was mentioned by Benjamin Freedman in his talk before a group of patriots.

Retrieved from ” https: Smith on The French Connection: What Does It Really Mean? It will be back, just like the American Federal hate-crime legislation kept coming back until it was passed recently. Wikiquote has quotations related to: This means that the Dead Sea will be a perpetual source of wealth to the nation that controls it.


Every second I believed they would stop but they never did. Here you will find texts and materials you are just not supposed to have, according to the oligarchy which presumes to rule the planet. Disgusted, he converted to Catholicism and made a daring speech about the dangerous Zionist.

Published on Jun 11, Introductory Note: Practically all later translations of printed Bibles available today are based on the “work” of Westcott and Hort It is becoming clear that these men were appointed to the task of changing the Bible subtly so as to A “Round Table” was established in Britain specifically to plan the various facets necessary for this grand scheme.

Benjamin Freedman was mistaken about “Sinking of Sussex. He broke with organized Jewry after World War II, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at bejamin 2.

For those of a similar name, see Benjamin Friedman disambiguation and Benjamin Freeman disambiguation.