Who wouldn’t want an ingestible super-computer-in-a-pill designed to make the person who swallows it way cooler than he or she ever was?. Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini – book cover, description, publication history. The Paperback of the Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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During a rather uncomfortable encounter in the bathroom, Rich informs Jeremy that he really needs to become cool, hinting at something that could help, but leaves before he can explain it further. O, dit herinner ik me net, maar de Squip is ook geen schatje.

By instructing him on everything vizizni what to wear, to how to talk and walk, the squip transforms Jeremy from Supergeek to superchic. Kijk, ik snap het als je graag een vriendin of vriend wil hebben, maar je kunt die personen dan niet zien als attributen.

Sign in to write reviews. As David Levithan put it: The quirky and fast-paced writing made the book not only bearable, but also fun. All and all, a good book, nothing to rave about but also nothing to rant about.

De jongens praten over meisjes vkzzini de jongens alsof het skateboards zijn, en oh, hoe cool is het dat ik nu een meisje heb!

Het had gewoon meer in petto kunnen gizzini gehad en dat is jammer. This book made me laugh a lot. Michael even has a specific interest in Asian girls, which was off-putting.

By using this site, you agree nec the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Reader reviewed by Meghan Okay, here’s what this book is about: Dat had ik graag gezien. Each week we will be interviewing a different YA author and highlighting their upcoming release!


I really can’t put it down; it’s refreshing to read a young adult novel that’s a quick read, but still a thought-provoking, laugh-out-loud funny one. And the sex part? Wat ik daarmee bedoel is dat ik gewend ben om Michael en Christine als POC te zien door hun acteurs, wat helemaal niet zo is in het boek. Discover what to read next. But it was alright?? They happen because of it. Day after day, he stares at beautiful Christine, the girl he can never have, and dryly notes the small humiliations that come his way.

And although the premise is funny and ridiculous, I was waiting for the book to become serious. Before we get to the reveal, here’s a message from Meredith: I thought it was so immature.

Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

Star ratings in yellow are from our Staff Reviewers. I never cared for the cool people. It is a compelling read, a bit disturbing from a parent’s point of viewsometimes humorous, and probably altogether true – except the part of the super-computer that is swallowed and mind controlled, of course at least not in Jeremy is just portrayed as a tragic hero. Jeremy takes the squip, listens to all of its instructions and you can probably guess where it goes from there. Dat had ik al verwacht, de vragen over dit boek op Goodreads gelezen hebbend.

I see fans greatly enjoying the musical and I see such cute fanart that sadly, it’s hard for me to enjoy because …more You will be disappointed by the book.


While still a teenager, he began to write articles for the New York Press, an alternative newspaper. In addition, they were all pretty focused on relationships, too and I just found it kind of hed that the only thing everyone in that high school would care about is getting into a good relationship. Maybe I’m just clueless and a tiny consumable computer that speaks in your head is really technologically feasible. I see fans greatly enjoying the musical and I see such cute fanart that sadly, it’s hard for me to enjoy because I can’t see the characters as they do.


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The way to ultimately get the girl I want is to touch them this way and manipulate them in this way. The next morning, Jeremy is woken up to the news vizzlni Rich had burned down the house from the previous night and is in the hospital.

Jeremy Heere is your average high school dork. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Funny new style book Reader reviewed by bria this book is defferent, something xhill have never read about before. With people you can argue and have tests and music reviews and wars to decide who’s better, but with software, it’s pretty clear.

However, he still uses other girls for the sake of getting Christine.

Be More Chill

Open Preview See a Problem? While Jeremy is still a douche in the musical, he is astronomically less of a douche. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. El libro en esencia es brillante.