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Download important combinations,b.v. Full text of ” Important Combinations (Part 1) BV Raman ” . 4 THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS Lord of 1, Lords of 5 and 9 and Lords . BV Raman Series THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS *- B.V. Raman THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS Bangalore Venkata.

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But owing to the association of the Moon with Saturn and the predominance of Saturnine in- fluence both on the Moon and the Lagna for the physical appearance, the blessings of this yoga have fully manifested otherwise.

The person will be harsh in speech. If Virgo is lagna, then Mercury lord of the 10th will be in the 11th. But in almost every horoscope of any pretence to wealth, Lakshmi Yoga in some form or other is likely to be found. Therefore the ancient writers have not erred if the Vajra and Imporfant Yogas refer to the positions in the Bhava Chakra.

important combinations,b.v.

It is of course somewhat difficult to conceive of a planet occupying a particular house identical with a friendly Navamsa since two sets of combinations are given. Thus this chart is a typical example of Bharathi Yoga.

The 3rd lord is in the 10th bhava. The children have no facilities for education, health and decent existence.

300 important combinations,b.v. raman.pdf

importat In Sanskrit Matsya means a fish and this Yoga is supposed to be a very favourable one. The great Parasara and Varahamihira say that when all the planets are in the 1st and 7th, Sakata is caused. As however, combinatlons Yoga can exclusively manifest itself, the results due to it should not be applied in their entirety.

Where a really strong Lakshmi Yoga is present, and this is indeed a 3000 phenomenon, the results will manifest fully. Navamsa 1 i Sun 1 ‘ Mer. Naturally Malavya Yoga renders one inclined towards all the indications of Venus, with the result his spiritual advancement and outlook will be in inverse ratio to his material comforts and pleasures.

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Jupiter Balance of Budha Dasa at birth years combinatikns In regard to Nav Yoga 75all he planets will be in the invisible sphere of the 030. If malefics occupy the second from the Sun, papavesi is caused while subhavesi is given rise to by the presence of benefic planets.

Some authors include 6th, 8th and 12th houses also as belonging to maraka category. Would the results in both cases be the same? Bhaskara Yoga — Benefic as lord of 2 and 5 Scorpio9 and 12 Aries: Besides this, the Dhana Yoga is excellent because lord of the 2nd Jr 5 Mercury is in the 5th exalted and in association with the 4th lord Sun.


The mative may frequent caves, mountains, etc. Whatever may philsophers say, the pangs of poverty are difficult to bear. The merchants have various combinwtions of cheating their clients. It is a typical example for Vapee Yoga.

I should call this book combinatoins research projcct in the scnscthe material used forms part of the vast schemcof investigations I have in view.

No wonder the horoscope belongs to a great King.

A karaka in the appropriate bhava is held to give rise to harmful results. A literal interpretation of the results leads one no where. According to the natural classification bene- fics are Jupiter, Venus, well associated Mercury and malefics are the, Sun Mars, Saturn, evil associated Mercury and waxing Moon.

Thus, if the ascendant falls elsewhere then hv the yogas will be present. Mrklunga Yoga 69 quadrant identical with friendly or exalted sign, and the lord of Importwnt should be strongly disposed. After all, the end justifies the means accord- to some and therefore, Amala makes one scrupulous as to the means he employs for earning while a malefic in the 10th while no doubt good in its own way, as causing wealth to come, would not make one famous or ramam man of character.


The native was the ruler of a vast Empire. Lord of Lagna, viz. Where a really strong Lakshmi Yoga is present, and this is indeed a rare phenomenon, the results will manifest fully. Saturn should have nothing to do with the 2nd house if one is to be spared this misfortune. Take the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio.

Arishtas generally deal with misfortunes though they are also included in the generic term Yoga. Chantlika Yoga — 84 If no benefic is present, then Amala is not caused. Thus the yoga is as limited in its application as it is rare in its occurrence. In this book, I have madcan attempt to carefully select only such important combinationsthat could be raised to the dignity of Yogas and that could indicate certain definite physical or mental traits, or degreeofwealth, fortunc, combinationsat random is easy but to or misfortune.

Leo is Lagna, and the Sun is there. Uttama Griha Yoga Definition.

This branch is to be specially studied by the student of astrology inasmuch as it enables him to evalute the exact implication of a particular Yoga.